Startup Guides

Title Authors Year of Publication File Views
Steps to Starting a Worker Cooperative G. Hansen; K. Coontz; A. Malan 1997 start_worker_coop.pdf 2,597
In Good Company: A Guide to Cooperative Employee Ownership M. Lund 2006 In Good Company.pdf 2,501
Becoming Employee-Owned 2014 COT_BecomingEmployeeOwned_FINALweb.pdf 2,270
Low-income & Immigrant Worker Cooperative Formation E.W. De Barbieri 2013 386 2013_De Barbieri_ Outline NY Co-op Network Summit.pdf 2,196
Cooperative Feasibility Guide J. Matson 2000 sr58.pdf 2,188
A Technology Freelancer's Guide to Starting a Worker Cooperative J. Johnson; B. Emerson 2009 TechCoopHOWTO.pdf 1,946
How to set up a Workers’ Co-op R. Routes 2012 setupaworkerscoop-lowres.pdf 1,927
Creating [adidas] Factory Cooperatives: A Guidebook for Factory Workers and Owners 2005 worker_cooperative_guidelines_nov_2005_en.pdf 1,881
Think Outside Boss Manual: How to Create a Worker Owned Enterprise 2013 SELC - Think Outside the Boss.pdf 1,768
Starting a Worker-Owned Cooperative for Home Care Workers M. Bau 2008 1,750
How to Start a Cooperative G.W. Rapp; G. Ely 1996 cir7.pdf 1,582
Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Scale H. Abell 2014 WorkerCoops-PathwaysToScale.pdf 1,522
Cooperatives: a Tool for Community Economic Development M. Myers; G. Lawless; E.G. Nadeau 1998 1,477
Starting a Worker Co-op: A Canadian Handbook C.Worker Co Federation 2009 Starting a Worker Coop.pdf 1,407
Legal Sourcebook For California Cooperatives: Start-up and Administration V.P. Baldwin 2004 Baldwin - A Legal Sourcebook for California Cooperaitves.pdf 1,381
Co-op 101: A Guide to Starting a Cooperative C.Developmen Institute 2010 CDIcompletestart-uppkt2010.pdf 1,368
Considering Cooperation: A Guide for New Cooperative Development B.M. Henehan; B.L. Anderson 2001 eb0101.pdf 1,351
Immigrant Worker Owned Cooperatives: A User’s Manual M. Ji; T. Robinson 2012 Workers_Coop_Manual_FINAL_May_31_copy.pdf 1,346
Worker Cooperative Development Models G.Economic Organizing 2011 GEO - Worker Cooperative Development Models 2011.pdf 1,280
Pasos Para Iniciar una Cooperativa de Trajabadores G.B. Hansen; K. Coontz; A. Malan 1997 empezando una cooperativa de trabajadores.pdf 1,247
Working Together to Create Jobs: A Guide to Worker-owned Cooperative Development G.B. Hansen; E. Mogensen 1994 wrkngtgthr.pdf 420
How to Start and Manage a Worker-Owned Home Care Cooperative Direct Care Alliance 2015 DCA_coop_toolkit.pdf 96