The New School for Democratic Management

The New School for Democratic Management was a business training program that ran from 1977 through at least 1981.  Based in San Francisco, the program traveled and brought 3-5 day seminars to locations throughout the U.S.  - in 1978 these included Seattle, Helena, Austin and New Haven.  The school was a project of the publishers of Mother Jones Magazine. 


Faculty included Richard Schramm, who worked at the National Cooperative Bank and ICA, Warner Woodworth, who had consulted for Rath Racking and studied employee buyouts, Keith Fairchild, Diana Dillaway, Timothy McKeown, and Ruth Cohen.  An ad in a planning journal also suggests that Mara Liasson was involved before she joined NPR - not the only NPR regular that was active in the movement for workplace democracy.


Of students, one stands in a quick search as having carried cooperative work forward: William Myers, founder the Alternatives Credit Union in Ithaca, NY, which began as a revolving fund for worker-managed businesses.  


A copy of the program's comb-bound reading packet is a rare item on the used book market.  



Images via Mother Jones: 1976, 1977, 1978.