Fedco Seeds gets Media Attention for Communal Values

"So here is how the little Workers Cooperative that I am a part of came to be mentioned in a big time political blog.  Every year when the catalog comes out each of our division coordinators writes an essay to introduce this year’s products and usually talk a bit about our philosophy.  Last year and again this year there have been mentions of communal ideals in both the seed essay (CR Lawn) and the essay in the Organic Growers Supply section (David Shipman).  Both years we have gotten reactions from right-wing zealots  chastising us for mixing business with politics.  I  want to say to them “So it’s okay for Halliburton,  Monsanto and the Koch brothers to do that but not okay for us???”  I usually restrain myself but not always.  It leads to some interesting conversations.

This year David’s essay really hit the big time though.  It got him noticed by a blogger on the Daily Kos.  I read Lao Hong Han’s very interesting essay and most of the comments.  Hurrah for all the folks who are growing their own and who get that what you grow and what you eat is a political act.  I most appreciate the commenter that noted that even if the right-wing is trying to launch a boycott against Fedco (REALLY???? come on now folks don’t you have anything better to do with your time???)  the company is still experiencing double-digit growth even in (or perhaps because of) the present economic situation.  Check out David’s and CR’s essays in the online catalog at fedcoseeds.com and consider voting with your dollars for the kind of business practices you want to see continue to thrive."

via The Populist Farmer