The Capital Institute on Catalyzing Future Evergreen Cooperatives

"In May 2011 the Capital Institute convened a meeting in Greenwich, Connecticut, as an activity of the Capital Lab's "Field Guide to Investing in a Resilient Economy" project. We had recently published a "field study" of Cleveland's Evergreen Cooperatives and our goal was to bring together a group of innovative practitioners and thinkers to discuss strategies to support the scaling up of a network of anchor-institution-based, worker-owned cooperatives based on Evergreen's compelling model.  This video-- featuring Gar Alperovitz and Ted Howard, cofounders of The Democracy Collaborative; Ron Jones of the Evergreen Cooperatives; Jeffrey Hollender cofounder of Seventh Generation; Dana Pancrazi, senior program officer of The F.B. Heron Foundation; Sandy Wiggins, Chairman of e3bank, Nick Iuviene of the MIT Community Innovators Lab; and John Fullerton, founder of Capital Institute--captures the shared vision and common intention of our gathering. "


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