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Hello, I love that you guys p


I love that you guys posted this video (video abstract I made about my paper on collective copies)!

It's sad to me, however, that it's posted with the comment "unfortunately her paper is locked up in the ivory tower". Far from being locked up, it's available for free in several spots and readily found in google searchers. The language of that work (cause I did it in university setting, working on my phd) may be  "theoretical" but the paper itself is accesible.

I'm not engaging in self promotion here, I just don't want to be represented as an ivory tower lacky because that's far from how I imagine myself. I have tried to stay true to my friends and ideals in this movement despite the hoops and hierarchy of academia.

That paper and another I wrote with Julie Graham is available on Community Economies web page:

Antipode has also made that paper (and others) available for free online during this month

My dissertation (including the paper on Collective Copies) riddled with problems as it may be is available in full here:


That's a long link, it can also be found by googling Janelle Cornwell Dissertation.

I appreciate your work and again, I love that you posted the video. Would it be possible to erase that untrue comment about my work being locked up and/or post the links to it?

In gratitude and solidarity.