Employees Buy Montpelier School, Now Largest Worker-Owned Cooperative in Vermont

The New School of Montpelier is now an employee-owned cooperative.

Employees recently purchased the school from Susan Kimmerly who founded the school in 2005.

The New School serves students with disabilities, primarily children and young adults, ages 6 to 22, with autism, cognitive disabilities and challenging behaviors often related to trauma.

The 10-year-old private school is now the largest worker cooperative in Vermont.

Nixon AAsh.  2015.  Employees Buy Montpelier School, Now Largest Worker-Owned Cooperative in Vermont.

Urban Upbound, Citi Launch 1st Worker Cooperative for NYCHA Residents


Urban Upbound launches its first worker cooperative

The sign above the entrance to the offices of Urban Upbound says “Need a job?” It’s a question the non-profit organization has been asking residents of the Astoria Houses for more than a decade as it provides residents of public housing with the tools and resources needed to achieve economic mobility and self sufficiency, and to break the cycle of poverty.

Parry B.  2015.  Urban Upbound launches its first worker cooperative.

WorX Printing Co-op: A journey through the global system of merchandise


What Is Worker Cooperative Development? Three Models for Creating Worker Co-ops

In the 1980s, the British government supported a comprehensive system of local worker cooperative support organizations (CSOs). The first CSO was formed in Scotland in 1976. By 1986, approximately 100 CSOs spotted the country––with higher concentrations in urban areas. About 80 of these CSOs were funded––mostly by local municipalities––with full-time staff at an average of three employees.

Michael C.  2015.  What Is Worker Cooperative Development? Three Models for Creating Worker Co-ops

Polycot Associates Conversion to a Worker Cooperative

At the 2015 Austin Co-op Summit, Jon Lebkowsky of Polycot Associates spoke about the process of converting from a sole proprietorship business structure to a worker-owned cooperative. Cooperation Texas partnered with the Democracy at Work Institute to assist Polycot in their conversion.

Via Cooperation Texas


Converting businesses to worker cooperatives: real world lessons learned

A recording of a 5/28 webinar on converting businesses to worker cooperatives, organized to highlight the lessons learned in Project Equity's new report Business Conversions to Worker Cooperatives: Insights and Readiness Factors for Owners and Employees.


Conversion of Businesses to Cooperatives or ESOPs

Melissa Hoover and Loren Rogers at the California Cooperative Conference 2014.


Augusta conference tracks conversion of business to worker-owned cooperative

AUGUSTA — Last June, 42 employees of four businesses on tiny Deer Isle in Hancock County took ownership into their own hands.

They formed Island Employee Cooperative Inc., and bought the two grocery stores, a variety/hardware store and a pharmacy that made up a business that had been owned by the Seile family for 42 years, a $5.6 million acquisition.

As the worker cooperative nears its first anniversary, profits have matched what the previous owners accomplished in their best year, but it wasn’t easy.

Adams B.  2015.  Augusta conference tracks conversion of business to worker-owned cooperative.


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